Feb 1-4: University of Texas, El Paso, Guest Artist Residency with violinist Layale Chaker

  • Feb 1: Performance & Talk, "Music As Resistance," at the El Paso Holocaust Museum, 6pm
  • Feb 3: Performance with Layali Al-Sham, Arabic Music ensemble, UTEP 7:30 pm

Feb 17: Hope Street Salon, Philadelphia 7:30pm art opening/8:15 performance

  • RSVP/Address/Details: email HopeStreetSalon@gmail.com 
  • 3 Visual Artists + 3 Musical Performers/$5 unlimited wine

Feb 18: Musicians Gathering, Rittenhouse Soundworks, Philadelphia 7-10pm, with Josh Nussbaum and Andy Bree

March 8-11: Pennsylvania Ballet, "Swan Lake" Performances/Principal Viola

April 12-15: Philadelphia Orchestra, "Rachmaninoff Live" 

April 19: "Our Own Voices," Multimedia Concert for O, Miami Festival at the Nina Johnson Art Gallery  

May 10-11 Pennsylvania Ballet, "Jewels" Performances/Principal Viola

July 7-Aug 5: Central City Opera, Colorado/Principal Viola

Sept 25: Shizuka at MISE-EN-PLACE Bushwick Residency - Recital

Oct 1: Shizuka (duo) - Faculty Recital at Berklee School of Music



Feb 7:  Inside the Music at the New World Symphony, Beethoven and Mozart

Feb  18: Brahms and Mozart Viola Quintets at Englewood Arts Center, Colorado

March 14:  The alt Default at Ohio University

  • Concert will feature our original songs, plus brand-new arrangements of music by Gershwin, Bartok, and Piazzolla. 

April 12:  O, Miami Performance of Music and Poetry

  • FREE concert at The New Tropic, Miami, 8pm.
  • Collaborations with 4 composers, 2 visual artists, and Miami poet Mario Ariza. 
  • Musicians from New World Symphony + Special Guest Artists

April 22: Schubert Trout Quintet at Englewood Arts Center, CO

May 27: Chamber Orchestra Performance at Englewood Arts Center, CO

  • Works by Haydn and Wagner; Conductor/Soloist - Cellist Silver Ainomae

June 8 & 9Rose Quartet Performances at Port Townsend Chamber Music Festival

  • Chamber Music ConcertsBeethoven String Quartet Op. 59 no.3 and Brahms Piano Quintet, June 8 and 9, 7:30pm. 

July 8 - Aug 6: Central City Opera, Colorado

Sept 29 - Oct 9: Barnes Ensemble, Philadelphia

  • Performances at the Barnes Museum and more! Details of this new residency can be found here: 

Oct 11: Groupmuse Concert, String Quartets in Williamsburg, NY  (8pm) 

Oct 17-26: Chamber Music Concerts with Incontri Musicali, South + North Carolina

Nov 3/9/11: Three Groupmuse Concerts - SOLO /String Quintets/String Trio, Philadelphia

Dec 2: Soloist with "After Everything" New Music Series, Unity Church of San Francisco  (8pm)

  • Dusan Bogdanovic, Quatre Pieces Intime (viola + guitar); Anna ClyneOctober Rose (viola + cello)