Wanderers (2018)
Cadenza for Solo Viola, by Layale Chaker, feat. Hannah Nicholas (2018)
Sahba Aminikia, The Wind Will Blow Us Away (2016); Words: Forough Farrokhzad

Visual Art by Kevork Mourad (New World Center)

Schoenberg String Trio

Natsuki Kumagai, Violin, and Alexander Hersh, Cello, at Jordan Hall

Bartok Duo no.44, "Ardeliana" (Shizuka Duo)
If I Could (Waltz): Hannah & Josh at Rittenhouse Soundworks
Dusan Bogdanovic - Quatre Pièces Intime (2017)

with Matt Cmiel, Guitar

Jessica Meyer, "But Not Until," for Viola Duo (2017)

with John Pickford Richards, Viola

Duerme Mi Tripon - The alt Default
Ilse Weber, "Wiegala" (Lullaby; Arr. The alt Default) (2015)
Abby Swidler, "The Dust Beneath"

O, Miami Poetry Festival 2017 (The New Tropic)