Sahba Aminikia, The Wind Will Blow Us Away (2016); Words: Forough Farrokhzad

Video by Kevork Mourad 

Schoenberg String Trio
Dusan Bogdanovic - Quatre Pièces Intime
Abby Swidler, "The Dust Beneath" (2017)

Art by Loren Moore ** Words by Hannah Nicholas 


Ilse Weber, "Wiegala" (Lullaby; Arr. The alt Default)
Layale Chaker, "Orison" (Prayer), for String Trio (2017)

Art by Roseminna Watson

Duerme Mi Tripon (arr. The alt Default)
Sahba Aminikia, "Ow'dat" (Return), 2015
Sahba Aminikia and Mario Alejandro Ariza, "The Book of Jackals" (2017)

Video by Roseminna Watson 

Astor Piazzolla, "La Tristeza de un Doble A," arr. Dave Connor (2016)